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Pre-Challenge works from members of the "Where I Belong" DA group. All FFVIII themed works are allowed; one per artist.


Summoner Luna just sent me this note, which I'm posting here for her:

Hello to all Where I Belong participants and watchers/supporters! I know this is very, very late in the making, but I finally have not only an update on the physical book of the fanfic/art submissions I asked about waaaaay back in September, but I actually have something better--a link to the finished product!

I really cannot apologize enough for how long it has taken me to put this together. I knew it would be somewhat time consuming but I did not realize how much, and while a few of you may already know this, for those who do not, I found out in October that I am pregnant, and the exhaustion and other not-so-fun side effects that came with that unfortunately put progress on this (and basically everything else in my life...) to a halt. Once January rolled around and I was feeling better I spent most of my time catching up on everything else that got neglected over the fall/holidays, and finally last month was able to pick this back up and really make an effort to finish it.

My goal was to be done by Rinoa's birthday, as I liked the parallel of having the book ready for hers since the challenge itself coincided with Squall's, but alas... This is my birthday gift to Zell this year. I know that this is exactly what he always wanted--a collection of stories and art dedicated to the romance between his two bestest best friends. (Or maybe I just shouldn't be allowed to pick out birthday gifts...)

At any rate, it is officially complete! I have not seen it in print yet so I can only cross my fingers that the cover image (made by irishais), and the fonts look good in print, and that the margins are correct. If anybody submitted both writing and art I tried to pair your works together (whether they were related or not), and then made a separate section devoted to artists who did not also have writing submissions--there were a couple of exceptions to this where I felt certain art submissions matched too perfectly with a story so I broke that rule, but they are few and far between. Part of the delay also was that I tried to go through and correct things like m-dashes and ellipses (which ffnet formats oddly for some reason), and other very, very minor grammatical points, which meant I ended up reading every single submission in this book while working on it (and if I haven't reviewed it yet, I am so, so sorry as I tried to review as I finished reading!).

The price is set by, and it is at zero profit. It is $14.24 plus shipping, which is a lot lower than I was expecting for a volume this size--we ended up at 542 pages and I had to put it on letter sized paper! The cost is strictly what they charge to have it printed, and neither myself nor anybody else involved in this challenge will make any money off of this. I also have it listed as by private link only so it is not searchable to the general public, but it is shareable.

And finally, the link!…

I really hope this looks good printed, and that it is worth the (very long) wait to finally make it accessible. Thank you once again to everybody who gave permissions to have their submissions included, and I hope you are all able to enjoy this!
No, really. It IS coming soon. Sooner than I'd thought, actually. What is it exactly? Well, it's a new group I'm opening up.

The WIB Challenge Group has only ever been meant to be a one-off for the WIB challenge and it's offshoot, the WIB Inspired challenge, and was meant to showcase works pertaining to those stories, and nothing else.

 Once the WIB Inspired Challenge is over, this group will be closed. NOT deleted though, it will still exist as an archive for the collected works that you all have contributed.

This new group I'm opening up is something I've wanted to do for awhile but had set it aside for the time being while I worked on my many stories and art projects...which in fact are still in progress. I'm still working on my WiBi story and still working on illustrations for each of the stories in that challenge.

There are six stories in the WIB Inspired challenge:

"The Winter Rose"… by Alessia Heartilly

"The Meaning of Resistance"… by Ashbear (AshbearVIII)

"Future Says Run"… by Emerald-Latias

"What Happens in Esthar..."… by Ronin-Ai (me)

"The Successor"… by Summoner Luna

"Waltzing in theRain"… by Twin-Lance

Check them out, they're all good stories.

Which brings me to my new group. I had intended to create it this month after the WIB Inspired challenge was over, but it got extended and I debated holding off on doing it for later this month, or possibly even the first of the year.

Then I decided not to wait, and went ahead and created the new group.

Its called FF8Illustrated, and  it expands upon the basic idea of this group, but rather than restricting artworks to only the stories written for the WiB and WiBi challenge, it is instead open to ALL fanfics, past and present.  The only guideline I want for THAT group is that the stories all be based on Final Fantasy 8.  I'll post more information on that when I decide to officially launch it.

The group exists now, I just need to work on a few things before I start sending out invites. Nothing's there right at the moment, but check back in a little bit and you'll see things happening with it.

Meanwhile, we still have the WIB Inspired challenge going on, and I'd really love to see some artwork for these stories apart from my own. So if you have something you'd like to contribute, let me know and I'll put it in.

And if you don't feel up for this challenge, there's always Ash's group Chocobo-Cactaurs-Moogles. She'd love anything Christmas themed featuring any non-human critter from the FF8 verse. Check it out!

Until next time, do your best to enjoy the holiday season and avoid the humbugs.
Hi there. Sorry I haven't done a wrap up post like I'd planned to at the end of the WIB challenge, but I'm guessing you all know already that it's over. That being said, Ash and I kicked around some ideas to sort of carry on with the spirit of the challenge, albeit in a slightly different form.

The details of this challenge, inspired by the WIB challenge itself, are here:…

For the art portion of this challenge, we want works INSPIRED by the WiBi stories...and only those. Do a cover for your favorite story from the challenge, or draw a scene from it, whatever strikes your fancy. We will have a section set aside here for those artworks that come in tagged for that.

Since submissions are currently disabled, just email or send me a note and I'll add the artwork.  For right now, if you have any questions about the rules for the art itself, just ask me. Ash and I haven't really had a chance to discuss the details of that, but we do want to make sure that all of the stories are fairly represented.

We don't want one story to have a dozen entries, while the others only have one or a couple of stories (or more) that you like and do something for them.  Unless Ash feels differently, I'm not going to restrict the number of submissions per artist, as long as all of the submissions are for different stories.

Participate or not as you choose, this is just for fun everyone. Support your favorite story, author, artist, and show them how their work inspires you. And most of all, have fun!
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The gallery is remaining open for the time being; we will be going back add favorites (basically other FFVIII works done pre-challenge for those who took part) More later tonight while we get all our Chocobos in a row.

Thanks again to each and every one of you who made this reunion awesome!
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